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Revisit Your Personal Style This Spring - with Tors Innes, our Personal Stylist!

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Spring has sprung and everyone has a bounce in their step. It’s that time when you start putting away your winter woolies and pulling out your summer pieces. YAY!!

What a great time to begin a collaborative style blog with Khòlò, and drop some monthly tips and tricks.

As a personal stylist, I help women find their own style and confidence, navigating the basics of body shape and personal style is the first step. We are all splendidly different and we all have a unique combination of features. From these features specific styles and pieces can enhance or not. To make a timeless range like Khòlò work for you, it’s about understanding the pieces that work uniquely for you.

We all need to learn to love our bodies, realise our better selves and rock our own style. All of us (and I mean all of us) have those moments when we are not brimming with confidence about our body, or about our ability to select the right complimentary pieces.

Hands up if you have something in your wardrobe that you have had for a while and each time you try it on it just doesn’t quite feel right. When you look in the mirror there is something about it that just doesn’t quite look right. It might be a great piece but what the mirror is telling you is it is not complementing your body shape, your personal style or the rest of your wardrobe.

The key is to create balance, and trick the eye into casting a more feminine or desirable shape.

When you understand your body shape and style, it is the secret weapon that allows you to do more ‘liking’ than ‘hiding’. This is the first step in the ballpark to finding the pieces and looks that work.

At The Personal Styler, I guide a broad range of woman through tailored and a very personal range of services, to discover their true potential.

To learn more, you can contact me at my styling website, and on my Instagram profile and read a bit about me here.

Follow us at Khòlò for this monthly installment….more insight and tips coming soon!

(Featured image via Lachlan Conboy) 




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