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So I (Karishma, Founder and Designer at Khòlò) was growing up in NZ in the 80’s. An Indian girl, the corner shop girl. My skin was brown, my legs; gangly. I was different. I looked like none of the girls in the cool surfy ads. Blonde, beach hair all tousled. 
Don’t even let me start on my tummy or my cellulite. 

But hold up. Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m stunning. 

I. Just. Didn’t. Know. It. 


And I think, that is the thing. 

We all grew up - indoctrinated. 

We saw the “finished” look. 

We didn’t see the “work” behind it. 

The experience and the angles. 

We are ALL beautiful. As we ARE. 

We’ve just been fed a stereotype and we all embraced it, as the ideal. 


So when I started Khòlò, I was a size 16 and on somedays, an 18. 
I’d just given birth to my son and I couldn’t find clothes. 

Sure, I could find neutrals. 
But I am anything but. 

And as I got more and more sass, and more and more confident… 
We increased the size range (size 6s as well), got better insta content (for your feed and mine!) and shit just keeps getting better. 

We are on our way. 
Narrowing down to more and more sustainable textiles. 
Getting more and more body positive. 

My dearest friend, 
I have never felt more honoured, to be doing you good.

Here to serve. 


Kholo Founder Story
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