Making Of Our Clothes AKA Good Ju-Ju

We believe in a thing called "ju-ju". 

What is ju-ju? It's energy. 

We believe our clothes should have good ju-ju. 

We care about whether your fabric is polyester and if it makes you sweat excessively or if it's a breathable cotton. (There is a place for polyester and sometimes its great as lining because it doesn't tear easily!) - so it's not that we don't use it, it's just that we consider how best to use it).  


We care about your makers. We want to know they are in a comfortable, safe place. They are Sedex approved and there is no one under 21. They also get paid a fair wage. 




Please feel free to send us suggestions for how we can do this better, we are open to learning and always evolving. 

Get the good ju-ju. Can't wait to HEAR FROM YOU :) 



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