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The Making Of Our Clothes AKA Good Ju-Ju

We believe in a thing called "ju-ju". 

What is ju-ju? It's energy. 

We believe our clothes should have good ju-ju. 

We care about whether your fabric is polyester and if it makes you sweat excessively or if it's a breathable cotton. (There is a place for polyester and sometimes its great as lining because it doesn't tear easily!) - so it's not that we don't use it, it's just that we consider how best to use it).  


We care about your makers. We want to know they are in a comfortable, safe place. They are Sedex approved and there is no one under 21. They also get paid a fair wage. 



Lastly. We care about the details. Do you want that top to cover your butt? Do you want that in a size 24? Do you want to save $10 by adjusting the hem? We care. Karishma, our designer is a size 16 and her mum is a size 8. It absolutely breaks her heart when she can't find something she adores in her size. But her mum has the same problems. So let's get happier shopping experiences for women. 



Get the good ju-ju. Can't wait to HEAR FROM YOU :)