KK, why do you guys do pre-orders? 
Well :) Here is the video version answer:

And the shorter version is: 
Each production run costs a lot of money. We have to pay for most of it BEFORE it comes to Melbourne. Which gets super expensive (it takes time to sell a range) and puts a lot of pressure on our cash flow. So by pre-ordering, you're helping me cover that big expense and I sleep better :) 

Without your pre-orders, we'd be looking at external investment from a firm or fancy folk (AKA my besties or my brainy sisters who chose to study finances and medicine...). Which I have nothing against. But tbh, I feel like this works better. It's like a group hug? And it means I get to say: NO, we are not compromising on these things (quality, ethical manufacturing, inclusivity, letting everyone feel seen), because they matter to my babes and I want to stay true to this. 

In short - money can be power and choice. 
And I'd rather that power and choice stays with the collective of US. (I say US, because it keeps me accountable to you - the day you stop choosing us, I know I haven't served you right + met your needs). 

So, this feels intrinsically right to me. xx

How do I know I'm ordering something on pre-order? 
It'll be on the garment name and written in the product description. 

What is a pre-order?
A pre-order is when you order a product in advance (before we have it ready to dispatch). 

When will it arrive?
All our pre-order garments have their estimated delivery date in the product description. If there is a delay along the way and it will be later than anticipated, we'll be emailing you to update you. 

Can I get mine sooner?
Depends. If we have a sample available in your size, we could make it work. Sometimes, this might mean shipping from India ($100 ish for DHL shipping additional to the garment price). 
If it's important you, send us an email to: and mention the size you're after. 

Can I return or exchange a pre-order?

I ordered non pre-order items in the same order - when will I receive them?
If you paid for split shipping, your non-pre-order garment will come before your pre-order garment. If you didn't, it all gets shipped together. 

Why are pre-order products discounted? 
Babe. You're taking a risk. You're trusting me to deliver on time. You're being patient. You're investing in Khòlò. Of course I'm going to do you right + pamper you. It's how we do. 

If I don't pre-order, will I miss out?

If it says "Via Pre-Order ONLY" then YES.

If it just says "Pre Order" then possibly. We are starting to make no more than 100 units in a style. So we might sell out of sizes before they actually reach Melbourne.  

Thank you for trusting us, means so much. To us all. 
Karishma + the team. 
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