I think we all have those moments of light, or fire, or sparks within us.

The moment of rebellion when we wanted to do something against the grain. 

The moment when we stand by our decision to leave a job because of a painful boss. 

When we look at our lover and we wonder, what went wrong and how to begin the process of change. 

The moment when we say "No", firmly, standing our ground, when it is something we know not yet how to say. 

The moment when we look our teenage children in the eye and don't let them guilt trip us for how we brought them up. 

The moment when we swiped right on Tinder, hoping for the best after 20 bad dates. 

The moment when a young upstart took our place and we felt absolutely shattered for all those years of everything, but decided to forge onto something
new, something bolder, something better. 

I used to think impressive, worthy and courageous were women who had authored books, who had risen to political fame, who had earned millions in the bank and on Instagram. 

But now, I realise, those are the highlights of those women. 

Who have had very long, lonely days.

Ready to break down and give it all up. 

Just like us. 

You and I. 

So now I know. 

A Khòlò woman is someone who has had a rough day and she chose to brush off the dust, push the chattering mind to the side and show up. 

To fight. 
To challenge. 
To question. 

To be. 

Whomever she wants to be. 

And it's totally ok, if today isn't that day.

Karishma, Designer & Founder at Khòlò
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