Where does your money go?


It goes to a few places.


Our suppliers in India for the garments you’ve purchased. We chose ethically accredited suppliers and I try to choose breathable fabrics as much as possible. No one is under 21. I’ve fired suppliers for being sexist or treating me like I don’t know what I’m doing… I really care about whom we work with. 


Ankita. She’s my home girl in Delhi. She’s is way more bad ass than me, once she said, “Karishma, we need x-factory-owner to know, we’re running a business, not a charity.” Uffff. She’s spicy that one.


Miriam. She is a mum of one and manages our customer service emails from Brisbane. She is waaaaaaay more efficient than I am.

    Other folk;
    Cocoon Business Solutions (when Julie plotted in a wage into the cash flow forecast, I started crying over Zoom. Julie has seen me cry many times…. I once proposed to marry her, but she said she’s into men, so she’s ok to be my work-wife),
    Virago (Em and Jess are the babes who wrap and pack and they are also more on top of things than I am),

    Sam Gehrich

    Sam Gehrich, our Aussie pattern maker who knows how to work to our curves,
    DHL, Facebook (yes, I’m sorry, I do spend money on some of the big guys! But how else am I going to remind you that we’re around? Please shop with us :)), models, photographers, Shopify and my YouTube Music Subscriptions

    Don’t worry, I used my personal account for my Bumble subscription…. HAHAHAHA. Anyone else be like: Sure… I’ve reached the end of the line, BUT WHY IS THE LINE SO SHORT DAMNIT?!


    And lastly, your moolah goes to Aru and I and the occasional croissant at LUNE. Aru is my darling son, about to turn 8, but when he says to me, “Mummy don’t eat it, it’s expired..” I feel like he’s 40. Me? I’m a woman in my late 30s, who is SO STOKED you took a risk on her.

      When you grow old and you’re on your deathbed, I want you to remember this amazing purchase you made on a growing brand and smile. 

      YOU DID THAT. You give me wings. THANK YOU.

      It is because of you that I have the courage to dream up another dress, look at a flower and think: Damn, I want to see that beaded… See some fancy AF frills and be like… YESSSSS, this frizzle action is so sexy-gorgeous, I wanna try it for us….



      Karishma, Founder at Khòlò

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