Karishma at Workshop

Every Khòlò collection has explored artisanal embroidery. From techniques with sequins, jewels, zari (gold threads), 3D effects and more. Each collection finds inspiration from a concept which is then fleshed out into a series of visual studies. We trial colour palettes, techniques and different objects for our final results.

Karishma's textile explorations have taken her all over India. From Ludhiana to understand the process of weaving wool; Benaras for the intricate handwoven gold threads found in brocade, Kolkata for Jamdani cotton and to Jaipur for block printing and to Ahmedabad, her second home, for cotton and the Calico Museum.

Recently, she spent a summer in India, learning the art of tambour and applique beading from local craftsmen and she is sharing it at workshops in Australia. 

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Tambour Beading - MELB MARCH 2, 2019 WITH VAMFF - SOLD OUT 

Tambour Beading - MELB AUGUST 31 (AM), 2019 - SOLD OUT 

Tambour Beading - MELB AUGUST 31 (PM), 2019 - SOLD OUT

Traditional Hoop Embroidery SYD NOVEMBER 30 (AM), 2019 - AVAILABLE


TWW Embroidery Workshop


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