Oh hey you.


I have a good feeling about this. 

I’m Karishma, Designer & Founder of Khòlò.


We are about 3 things.

  1. Body positive. Loving your body. Imperfectly perfect. Right here. Right now. We have sizes 6-26 for our women.
  2. Sustainable choices. We care if our fabric makes you feel itchy, we care that our tailors are paid a healthy wage (and no one under 21), we care full stop. 
  3. Good vibes. We try, try, try to consciously bring good energy into what we do. From our wrapping paper to our DMs and our feed. We are here to serve and so stoked that we get the chance to be in your wardrobe. 


So take a browse. Shop by your size.
Try something you like.
And let us do you good.




Everything is energy 



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