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Me Too Badge
Me Too Badge

Me Too Badge


The original inspiration, which began from the masterpiece embroidery (The Maya Angelou Coat) - started with inspiration from the #MeToo movement. So it felt really natural for me to name the collection after it. Its embedded with symbols and connections to women, armour and self defence. It was the seed for me. 

When the whole #MeToo thing broke out, I was so surprised. Friends, mentors, peers - were all opening up about their experiences. I started getting into books, following feeds and reading more and more stories. 

Women have been protecting themselves for generations. I just didn't know. Yes. It shouldn't happen. But yes. It does. 

So this is for the warriors. 

For all the wounds. 

Mental, physical and the worst; emotional. 

For the healing. 




For me, it was as simple as getting the conversation happening at a cafe, over a glass of wine, friend to friend, woman to woman.  

What if we had shared our experiences sooner? Would we go into work and solve the problems faster? Highly likely.

Does wearing a badge solve that?


No - it definitely doesn’t. 

But does it start a conversation? Right here? Right now? 

Yes it does. 

If we had, had those conversations sooner, perhaps so many #MeToo incidents would have been prevented. 

And that’s what this is about. Exploration. Conversation. 


If an artist made a piece of art and sold it in a gallery and it was titled #MeToo - would that strike the same conversation? Is it any different because I’m making 20 items of clothing? Or 10 badges? I don’t know - in all honesty. 

But something inspired me to design. 

And so I did. 

I was inspired and so I did. 





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