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I am so so stoked with these images we got from a recent student shoot. 
Had to share all of them here. 

Mena Photography for Kholo

Mena Photography for Kholo

Mena Photography for Kholo

Mena Photography for Kholo

Photographer Brianna Pettenuzzo 
Stylist Karissa Jayde 
Photographers assistant Samantha Stuart 
Makeup Deborah Jessica 
Model Jessica Tulic  


Our Milano Ensemble on Jennifer Atilemile

Every now and then, we get a magical Instagram friendship. If you haven't been following Jennifer, you need to. Pronto. 

She did us the gracious gift of wearing our Milano Ensemble and can I just say, it is EVERYTHING. 

Jennifer Antilemile in Kholo

Jennifer Antilemile in Kholo 2



The MFW Drop! 

Super stoked to have made the cut - here are photos from the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week. 

Kholo at MFW


Kholo at MFW Let Them Look Wrap


Kholo at MFW Palazzos


We're Popping Up At Melbourne Fashion Week!

Oh mah gah!
It's happening!

Try fresh pieces from the new collection = LIFE!
But really, just sneak out from work and hang with us and have a grand time! 




We will be at The Melbourne Town Hall (Swanston Room) with AFC Curated at Melbourne Fashion Week (MFW)
from August 31st - September 7th
open daily from 11am - 9.30pm, (closing 5pm Sat & Sun)


Come hang with us on the launch night, we've got drinks and a runway = YUSSSS!

It's on the opening night - 31st August, 6pm - 9.30pm RSVP here so we have your drink locked in...

We are 19 AUSTRALIAN LABELS - come hang!
A.BCH, Allora, Autark, Avila, Gehrich, Guerrilla Theatre Brand, Harlow, IVY NIU, Jude, Kholo, MAUDE Studio, Millicent Elizabeth, MNDATORY, Oneiric, Rbcca Kstr, Remuse Designs, Salty Fox, Vincent Li



Ana At AFC Curated Industry Drinks

Ana At AFC Curated Industry Drinks

Ana wears Jamie Coat and carries Emily Green Clutch from our latest lookbook


Winter Treats

Winter Treats

Dominey Flores in Khaki Oprah Scarf, serving up a treat.


Jazz Bell At Solange In Sydney

Jazz Bell At Solange In Sydney

@WhatWouldSolangeWear_ in our Nafisa ensemble. Shop the pants, top and turban.


Screening of Her Sound, Her Story 

Claudia and Michelle at The Launch of Her Sound Her Story

Claudia wears our Milano Blouse and Michelle wears our Rani Pants // Styled By Styled By Us & Them


Some part of me, needs you to know.

So last week - there was a mini media debacle about Khòlò. We made it to amazing publications for all the wrong reasons. 

They said primarily two things:
  1. We were trying to monetise on the #MeToo theme.
  2. Our garments are inappropriately named, for example, “Sex On Legs Wrap Dress” or “Take Me Off Cami”.

It has been one of the most intense few days of my life.
And to be honest, I know it’ll wash over. 

I feel because you’ve been on our list or you’re following us, or if you've bought pieces from us, if you've DMed us or are a wholesale client, there is something about you that has connected you to us. To Khòlò.

And perhaps you’re wondering, what happened. Or how did this happen?

I just want you to know, from me to you.
  1. Regarding the MONETISING.
    I wanted women to begin the conversation. I wanted us to take it out of a social media context and into real life. Just the way we say, “OMG I LOVE THAT DRESS ON YOU! Where did you get it? Etc”. I wanted us to say, “Yep, #MeToo happened to me. You too?”.

    The sooner we talk about inappropriate sexual behaviour, the faster we create change and boundaries. This is what I was aiming for - clothes which make the conversation easier to get into, they bridge the gap and bring hurt, pain and past to the forefront. So we can heal. 
  2. Regarding the naming of our pieces. 
    The whole collection is about sexy, strong, empowered women. I won't change the names of my pieces because:

    I want to celebrate a woman's sexuality, in the face of it all.  

    I also celebrate their warrior strength, their tenderness and their inner Queen. There are pieces which are about armour, epaulettes on shoulders, lines across the shoulders where blades go, pendants on scarves which once held sharp pins in the form of self defence.  


In the middle of the fray, all of this was lost. 

The intent.
The love.
The meaning.

All lost.

It matters to me if I ever hurt you.
Or if you ever felt betrayed by our brand. 

But I don’t like being misrepresented by media.
I don't like it when people read a sentence and behave as if they read the whole paragraph. 
I don’t Iike headings used as click bait.
I don't like women tearing other women down.

And for that reason alone - I will choose to say “No comment”.

Because I’d rather you hear it directly from my mouth.
I’m not too concerned about everyone else - they’re making a judgement and they’re entitled to that - with or without the research.
But you? You’ve invested in us.
And I’m honoured by it.
I care.

I never meant to cause any hurt.
I renamed the collection within moments.
Because it doesn’t have to be a trigger word I’m using to name a collection.

But to rename the garments - would be to say that I can't talk about a woman's sexuality in a positive manner in the face of sexual abuse. To that, I cannot agree. 

In the face of a world saying, you can’t look too sexy or you’ll be in trouble. I want to say - be safe and be damn sexy.

Be who you are, love all of it.

Love the curves.
Love the bones.
Love the sexy-ness.
Love the primness.
Love yourself if you’ve had an abortion.
Love yourself if you tried to commit suicide.
Love yourself if you had a miscarriage.
Love yourself if you’ve left the kids at home and taken off for a weekend.
Love yourself if you can't have kids.
Love yourself if media writes crap about you and people might form an ill opinion of you.
Love yourself if you feel like the only virgin you know. 
Love yourself if you chose formula over breastmilk.
Love yourself if you’ve finally made it and won an incredible award.
Love yourself if you’re hungover.
Love yourself if you hate all your selfies.
Love yourself if you didn't have the courage this time. 
Love yourself and every bite of that doughnut you want to eat.
Love yourself for that time your credit card declined. 
Love yourself when they judge you before they get to know you.
Love yourself when they’re screwing you over and stand tall against it.
Love yourself on your most bloated day.
Love yourself if you’re caring more for someone else than you ever have yourself.
Love yourself enough to know that you’re beautiful enough for someone to want to go down on you.
Love yourself when they tell you, you’re naive.
Love yourself when they say you’re too critical.
Love yourself when you look like shit for that 9am.
Love yourself when you feel like life itself isn’t on your side.
Love yourself thru everything.
Beyond everyone. 
And thru all of this.

Somehow this has turned into a love letter to you.
Which is probably what I really wanted to say.

Sorry for any pain or sense of mistrust you may have ever felt about Khòlò. Ask me. DM me. I’m here. Listening on the other end. 

Xx and best of vibes,